Oh Hello,

I’m Lyndsey, 26, I make art, I write stuff, and color and music are pretty much what I live my life by.

You won’t find me anywhere without headphones, taking in a daily dose of The Supremes or the almighty Dolly.

At the moment, I live, I work, and I play in New York, continuing work on Sliver of Silver, shooting portraits and still lifes in my lil' home studio, traveling and loving all that is tragically funny. 


I am happy to have had an image Selected this yeat for American Photography 36, three photographs chosen for American 35, a photograph Selected for American Photography 34, two photographs chosen for American Photography 33, and shared work with Armani BeautyBellweather Agency, Barron's MagazineFeature ShootCircus MagI-D ViceThe Numinous, Designer Isabel HallArc Iris and many more creatives...



Phone: 727-479-8299


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