Oh Hello,

I’m Lyndsey, 27, I make art, I write stuff, and a profound love of color, good music and design are pretty much what I live my life by. You won’t find me anywhere without headphones, taking in a daily dose of The Supremes or the almighty Dolly. 


Growing up in Florida has granted me a unique perspective to pull from the bountiful comedic and tragic themes that have influenced me throughout my own life, and apply them within my photographic work. This approach allows the influence of personal narrative, while still inviting viewers to interpret stories through their own lived experiences.

At the moment, I live, I work, and I play in Brooklyn, New York. Continuing work on the series Gaslite and Sliver of Silver, shooting portraits and still lifes in my lil' home studio, traveling whenever and wherever I can find the obscure and loving all that is tragically funny. 


I am happy to have had an image Selected this year for American Photography 36, three photographs chosen for American 35, a photograph Selected for American Photography 34, two photographs chosen for American Photography 33, and shared work with Armani BeautyBellweather Agency, Barron's MagazineFeature ShootCircus MagI-D ViceThe Numinous, Designer Isabel HallArc Iris, and many more creatives...



Phone: 727-479-8299