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A Sliver of Silver is a series of photographs compiled over a few years which examines how a newly established relationship with the artists’ mother has informed an interest in how she and the women in her life have continually influenced each other. Through portraiture still lives, and euphoric nature scenes, she portrays a parallelism between their lives as well as the intersection of aging, youth, and sexuality.


The women are between the ages of fifty-five and seventy-five living in St. Petersburg, Florida. Together, they are searching for what it means to feel alive again, providing a range of examples as to what a second go-around at self-discovery looks and feels like. Whether it be through a new lover, or many, a facelift, or many, or simply through the company of one another. Some have chosen to be alone while others have stepped into the vast world of online dating in search of love and lust. They have enjoyed glasses of wine while sharing tales of sexual discovery; glasses of wine to dull the tender realization that they are now the appropriate age for a senior discount.


In the midst of a lacking maternal relationship, the artists' mother had found solace in the companionship she received from other single(d) women of her age when she divorced. From an early age, there was a collective motherhood constructed of single, self-sufficient women which heavily influenced the artists' life and work.


As Lyndsey photographed these women she became obsessed with a clash of adulation and apprehension; of having such a respect for them, their solidarity and experiences while at the same time having this gnawing fear of becoming a certain age and being alone herself. The work has functioned as a vessel through which she has been able to explore a relationship with her mother and has allowed herself to question what she thought she knew about women, aging, loss, and herself.

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